Michael Zuffi

Front-end Developer_

Hello, feel free to call me Mike, I like to code and create awesome things.

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Hi, I'm mike

I'm a front-end and mobile developer based in São Paulo, Brasil.

Powered up with some great tools such as Next.js, React Native, Typescript, Node.JS... I help people bring their ideas to life.

I'm genuinely interested in technology in general, curious, and always improving my skills, new challenges are welcome.

Hope we can create awesome and unique things together!

You can reach me at mikeaazuffi@gmail.com. e-mail me!

My Timer Pal

MyTimerPal is a mobile app that lets people organize their workout and time each exercise.

Get it on:app store

I made this app using React Native with Expo CLI. It is multiplatform, has animated Lists and Lottie animations.

You can check out the code on my Github.